The Most Common Questions on Wearing Gemstones


The Most Common Questions on Wearing Gemstones : Part I

By: S.N. Hussain

The Most Common Questions on Using Gemstones : Part I


For centuries, it is believed that gemstones bring good luck, wealth, health and prosperity. The fact is that the stories are much more connected with old traditions; some of them are influenced by a fallacies and spiritual misunderstandings. Nevertheless, the modern science itself proves that Gemstones synthesize the visible light naturally and transform it into positive energy. The energies transmitting toward the Earth by other planet also affect the energy of gemstone. The variation in the effect of gemstone onto the user/wearer is equally influenced by the transmission of energy of planets and synthesis of visible light into positive energy.

The story of Gems is not that much simple. It involves real mysteries; sometimes you may find it bit mumbo jumbo stuff. But as far as equivalence of traditions and modernization is concerned, both of them cannot be neglected. Moreover, even people who have interest in gemstones (wearing and collecting) have some common but mystifying questions. These questions are sometimes related with the Gemstones and sometimes with their usage.

Here, I am giving you a complete guide to those common questions which may be mingling in your mind for years, sometimes these questions are quiet common but they might have an exceptional and uncommon answer.


Q: Does raw gemstones (uncut & unpolished) have similar effects in comparison with properly cut and polished gems?

Ans: Well, as far as raw gems are concerned. Raw gems have silica (Sand) and other impurities fused with them. So the synthesis of light doesn’t take place properly. They might synthesize the light and transform it into usable low cosmic energy up till an extent. But in comparison to cut and polished gems, raw gems have least tendency to provide positive effects. In the case of raw gems, the energy loses are remarkable.

Q: Is it fine to wear raw gems?

Ans: For the sake of wearing raw gems for fashion is a good idea, but for major purposes its not! The fact is that raw gems have impurities (mainly silica) which block the synthesis of energy. For betterment, wealth, prosperity and health, only polished gems should be used.

Q. Can all gems be worn in a pendent or in a ring?

Ans. Well, the Vedic astrology has no bounds, according the concepts of Vedic astrology the gem would come up with the same effect whether the wearer wears it in a ring or as a pendent. The formal gemology proves it wrong; Most of the gems can be worn in a ring but not in a pendent.

Q: Can gemstones be worn in all metals?

Ans. As I have said above that Vedic astrology has no bounds, most of the Vedic astrologers advice people to wear the gems in “Gold” rings and Punj Dhaat (alloy of five metals). The formal astrology clashes in this matter too. The formal gemology has no such concept of Punj Dhaat. An original gemologist may advice different people to wear different gems in different metals (including Gold, Silver, Copper & Platinum). But there is no such concept of using five metals at the same time. Gemstones should be worn in specific metals only so that the energy of gems would be enhanced upto a particular extent.

Q: Can gemstone we worn in any finger of any hand?

Ans. I am afraid to say but the answer is “NO”. To get maximum positive effect, gemstones should be worn in particular fingers as prescribed by a Gemologist or an Astrologist. The Vedic astrology also shares the same concept of wearing particular gems in specific fingers only.

Q: What are Birthstones? Do the birthstones really help?

Ans. Birthstones are gemstones which are prescribed by “Astrologers” for people who are born under the specific sun sign. These birthstones help to eliminate the diseases, anger, emotional breakdowns of the particular sun sign. With every Sun Sigh there is a specific gem, sometimes the astrologers suggest two gems. But that’s fine! Wearing a gemstone prescribed by gemologist for a certain purpose can somehow do a better job.

Q:. Is it okay to rely on the Sun Sign Gemstone Chart which the one that jewelers usually have?

Ans. Well, in this case if a person is serious about wearing a gem for a purpose. He/She should consult a gemologist because in astrology there are some conflicts over gems. Consulting the concerned person may solve all the tension.

Q: What are Name Stones?

Ans. Name Stones are actually those gemstones which are prescribed by a Numerologist by a specific calculation of a person’s name, date of birth, day of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Wearing Name Stones is fine.

Q: Does every precious gemstone have a substitute gem?

Ans. Well, some of the precious gemstones have a substitute stone that may provide 55-60% of the same effects as the original stone. Wearing a precise gem for a specific matter is advised by Astrologers, Vedic Astrologers and Gemologists, but sometimes things aren’t on the financial side. In that case, it’s not a big deal to wear a substitute stone after consulting your astrologer.

Q:. Are there any substitute stones for Diamond?

Ans. Diamond being a precious gem has substitutes. Most astrologers suggest and consider White Zircon as the Diamond substitute, while some consider Kunzite as the substitute gem for Diamond. In this case, one should consult his astrologer, as per the substitution wearing a White Zircon or a Kunzite can satisfy the wearer.

Q: Some people consider Garnet as the birthstone for the month of January while others consider Alexandrite? Which one to wear?

Ans. Different astrologers have different concepts on which they design the birthstone chart. Some astrologers (mainly Vedic astrologers) consider Traditions far more important then discoveries of the modern science. Wearing Garnet (sometimes Green Garnet but only in specific cases) can give 100% positive effects while wearing an Alexandrite can also help in specific cases. The controversy can be resolved out easily by consulting a gemologist, the actual mystery is on which date and time did the wearer born. On this basis, the gemologist suggests whether the person should wear a Garnet or an Alexandrite.


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